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“Sexual pleasure is a passion to which all (...) are subordinate but in which they all unite.” M.S

Medellín Colombia Joined July 2016
Skaarz Apr 21

Hiya. Skaarz/Mono here. DO you have another way I can message you? They want me to buy premium and I'd rather spend the money on the lovely ladies.

Hey, are you interested in doing a custom?

FREE vote: 1 Nude pic on your e-mail. 
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Hola Dulzuras! I am traveling again so you know I got disconnected from videos BUT I will be always talking with my MV Crushes and even more with those boys that use my Snapchat and WhatsApp, I am going to the tell them about my trip and send some stories and pictures of my adventures in the beach. My videos are 50% OFF until I come back on April 17! I hope you don't forget me during this time, I am preparing suprises for May! 😍😘😍😘 I send you lots of kisses!

Hottest girl on Manyvids! Xxx

Papasito! Thank you so much sweetie. I really appreciate this :A:x

Hello guys! I nee to tell you something, I lost my contacts on WhatsApp, so the ones of you that have my WhatsApp numer, please text me with your name to add you again on my list! Don't think I just forget my babes... I love you! Please text me <3 Thanks

Thanks for the love and the message. I'll be by to get a custom soon xx ,💜

Thanks to you for checking my place. You are always welcome, I can't wait to read your script :x:A

I LOVE the new feature, MV Crush. That's all what I wanted, you know I love telling you what happens in my lufe every day. Be my MV Crush and stay closer to me! :A:and...action::3...::2...::1...::thong:

50% OFF IN ALL MY VIDS FOR ONE WEEK! Get them all babe! <3

Thank for the wall message. Please pm me?

Sure baby. Check your Inbox

Hola linda! Me encanta tu perfil 💖

Y a mi el tuyo bonita. ¿Videito juntas si voy a Puerto Rico? hahaha Ahí te dejé muchos corazones. Gracias por los tuyos 😘

Hi guys! I am sorry for the delay with dome of your videos <3 I am going through technical problems (my cellphone is broken), I hope you cna be patient and wait some days until I can get everything fixed and the content uploaded. You know I love you and I do always my best to give you a good time... Lots of kisses for all of you :* :* :*

Hi gorgeous,  its been a little while but i havent forgotten about you. Ive just watched and reviewed the last 3 videos and the were all amazing again, thank you for sharing those with us 💖💖. I still keep leaving love on your photos too and vote for you daily in the contest, so good luck in that and keep up the great work 💖💖

Hi sweetie, I appreciate so much your support. It is always motivating knowing that you enjoy what I do. Have a beautifu night and thanks again for taking the time to erite this. It makes me smile as crazy ^^

Im so glad that I make you smile, nothing better than a beautiful girl with a beautiful  smile 💖💖

Hi my little babies, READ THIS, I got good and bad news!
Bad news!
1 - The old promo codes  (Ang1632 and Ang4699)  are EXPIRED now.
2 - There's NOTHING on sale in my profile right now

Good news!
You can watch with attention my new video: "Ballons and secrets" (It will be available tonight), and get amazing prizes!

-My snapchat forever for free
-ALL my vids and WhatsApp
-A 20 min custom vid for 2$
-75% OFF in EVERYTHING:Vids, custom, store Items, texting, Skype, etc.
(You can apply to win just 1 of the prizes)

Write on my wall or send a private message for ANY question.

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Hi guys! I am Angel M ♛ I was born in Medellin city 22 years ago. I love reading, my favorite subjects are History, Politics, and I love romantic novels. My favorite music is Rock And Roll, but since I'm a Latina, salsa and reggaeton dance is natural for me. I really enjoy creating erotic content, it makes me very happy to express my personality and find people that enjoy what I do for them. Every pic and every video here is made with all my love.


Student Naughty Girl Model


1995-12-05 (22)






Bachelor’s in progress ( Focus in Social studies )


Latino / Hispanic


Colombian Colombia

Lives in



Español Inglés



Hair Color

Dark Blonde

Eye Color



31" 24" 35"

Breast Size

Natural 30A


5'5" or 165 cm


95 lbs

Body Type