Sage Serenity

Sage Serenity

Sage Serenity

Joined July 2016
shawn_24_d Feb 9 2017

hey you still doing skype shows?

_Reviewer Aug 5 2016

Welcome to MV! xx


5'4 | 36 H | PNW |

Call me Sage ;)

Avid forest dweller / Confident & Kawaii / Playful Sex Kitten / Princess

Several tattoos all over, lobes stretched to 1 & 1/4ths, nipples, high double nostrils, septum, and Monroe piercings.

I am a college student saving up for photography equipment for my major. Help me pursue my dreams. :)

poetry, photography, bdsm, sketching, hip hop, sharks, belly dancing, post-hardcore, nature, crystals, bike rides, vibrators, yoga, tahitian dancing, scree