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Hi, interested in a femdom Skype session this weekend.

r u coming back?

Kaydre11 Oct 10

Accept me on ig I keep tryna hyu I'm tryna fwy

why u triple ur prices?


because why? if a guy buys one clip its highly likely he'll buy more, right? but prices like this will scare away 99.99% of guys from buying anything from u to start with

are u retired from making videos already?

Dragonlover deleted Sep 18

Any limitations on your custom video ad? 
LOL You are the Goddess of the Galaxy, but my mind...

Yes there are limitations. Message me with your ideas.

kp1million Aug 19 2016

your body is beautiful, i love your nipples!

Galaxy Goddess Aug 19 2016

Thank you! it doesn't seem like you love them very much though since you've yet to even purchase anything. Why jack off to my banner when you can have a WHOLE video? Like...duh.
XO- the Sun, the Moon, & the Stars.

Ramario Sep 5

Your videos are worth it,  u can't please evry 1!!

@ galaxy goddess i think I saw today at Cumberland

matthews9876 Aug 17 2016

awww no new video today:(?

matthews9876 Aug 17 2016

i want to have all your videos! but 20$ each..i may not be able to :( hopefully u can keep them closer to 10 each..that i can i do!
dont get me wrong! you and your body are definitely worth it and then some!!  but...well u know how it is:(

matthews9876 Aug 17 2016

iv never seen tits even close to as amazing as yours! i really havent!

matthews9876 Aug 16 2016

more talking and more nipples please! i like both of those;)

matthews9876 Aug 16 2016

can u show them completely in your next video?

Galaxy Goddess Aug 15 2016

Love the feeling of uploading a new video. Enjoy!

Galaxy Goddess Aug 14 2016

YAAY new videos! Now stop reading and go watch.

matthews9876 Aug 14 2016

YAAY new (tits) video is right! if u post them and ill get them! 8==D

Galaxy Goddess Aug 14 2016

Love having a fan :cuff-me: Do you follow my other accounts?

matthews9876 Aug 14 2016

then i hope getting naked is fun for u lol!
no, im not aware of any other accounts, i just saw u frinday (i think?) manyvids tweeted your intro vid, clicked it, saw your body, saw your nipples, and i like you! a lot;)

matthews9876 Aug 14 2016

i hope u make a few videos today, and i hope u show your breasts completely! just typing that i got butterflies lol

Galaxy Goddess Aug 15 2016

Not sure what that first line meant so The Goddess is going to ignore it. That is not an invitation for an explanation. The Goddess' accounts are linked in the About section. Check em out ;)

Dragonlover deleted Sep 18

What other accounts do you have if i may ask?

Galaxy Goddess Aug 14 2016

:woohoo-19:Waiting for videos to upload is agonizing! The Goddess is ready to make you cum your pants alreadyyy!:woohoo-5:

matthews9876 Aug 13 2016

any videos on the way? please show off your breasts more

Galaxy Goddess Aug 14 2016

Just keep checking :woohoo-16:

kp1million Aug 13 2016

i hope u expose your breasts to the world today;)

Galaxy Goddess Aug 14 2016

Did you wish upon a shooting star?

cont9876 Aug 13 2016

i see a lot of praise for your tits so far and justifiably so, but your whole body looks really great too

Galaxy Goddess Aug 14 2016

Thanks! The Goddess agrees :)

matthews9876 Aug 12 2016

never seen tits that even come close to yours! how big they are ,your nipples, everything about them is just perfect

Galaxy Goddess Aug 12 2016

Love filming my tits!

matthews9876 Aug 12 2016

i wish i had a better view (i know its a teasing video)
but easily the nicest tits iv ever seen!

cont9876 Aug 13 2016

i have a feeling a lot of guys will love watching your tits

kp1million Aug 11 2016

got more vids coming?

Galaxy Goddess Aug 12 2016

Yes of course! The main focus will be my tits but The Goddess has other excellent features that will make you drool just as much! Stay tuned ;)

kp1million Aug 11 2016

i hope your breasts are the focal point of a lot of your videos, iv been thinking about them all day

kp1million Aug 9 2016

im very impressed, u look great and your breasts look out of this world!

cont9876 Aug 9 2016

id heart your profile a thousand times if i could

cont9876 Aug 9 2016


Galaxy Goddess Aug 12 2016

Aw thank you!

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