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26-year-old guy who likes feet, teens, milfs, transsexuals, hookers, sissification, strippers, cuckolding, twerking, erotica, squirting, and dirty panties.




1992-06-10 (26)




White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in




Hair Color

Dark Blonde

Eye Color



6'0" or 183 cm



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Very creative, sexy as hell, and your legs are to die for! Great video! :)

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Made me instantly know I had to try these amazing gummy worms!

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You can already purchase them 😊❤️. Just select the pussy gummy worms that are already there, and request to have them done how you'd like! 😊

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Steph has a beautiful mouth, perfect for sucking cock, she also has amazing eyes!

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Thanks for the rating babe!! ;) :D

xoxo Mila Rose <3

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xoxo Mila Rose <3

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Sara Persuasive
Sara Persuasive deleted Feb 11 2017


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thanks, luke :)