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Mylene Feb 17


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absolutely mesmerizing, such hypnotizing feet!! fucks a huge toy deep and fists her pussy hardcore!!

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WOW!! mesmerizing!! Fisty plays with noodles like a goddess!! exceptionally deep fisting.

AdalynnX Dec 29

Thank you ilikewomen! :)MUAH! :x<3XOXOX

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lovely loose and gaping holes with a fisting surprise!!!

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A sloppy and saucy video, deep toy fucking and gaping!! I could die happy now :)

AdalynnX Dec 27

Thank you! !

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absolutely Mesmerizing!! she is the goddess of fisting, perfect feet, perfect everything!

AdalynnX Dec 17

Thank You! MUAH! XOXOX :x<3:)^.^

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Gorgeous feet, and everything else. Sexy toe spreading to :)

:):@ thanks u so much:x<3 mean a lot for me u like my feet and everything else^.^

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Stockings? yes, sexy goth goddess? YES, fisting? FUCK YES!! fisting never gets old

Thank you <3 I agree

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super hot video!!!! huge toys and perfect costume. must get PT 1 and PT 2!

AdalynnX May 10 2016


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Goddess Mylene never disappoints with her hypnotic feet and perfect fisting skills, lovely prolapse!

Mylene Feb 16

Love shooting for you! :x

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Goddess Gera is at it again. Another mesmerising fisting show

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What a fisting goddess! It never gets old

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OMG SO EXTREME!!! absolutely perfect, PLEEEAAASSSE start doing custom videos :)

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If you're a fisting fan with a foot fetish this video is fucking PERFECT!!! beautify extreme

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love it when teens have such loose holes!! perfect fisting!!

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Lovely Deep fisting!! Beautifully extreme

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Filthy hot!! I swear she fists past her wrist at one point. Goddess of extreme!

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WOW!! Absolutely mesmerising! Constant feet/toe teasing while fisting! 11/10 for me!

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such gorgeous feet!.and everything else. perfectly extreme

Great thanXXXX :* <3

Ideed! thnxxxx:*

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stockings, fisting and feet. These are a few of my favourite things :p

Happy to hear! ^.^

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Goddess Mylene never disappoints, how could she disappoint? She's a goddess!

Mylene Nov 19

Thank you very much! :A

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EXTREMELY HOT!!! epic fisting action! I could die happy after watching this :p

Thanks so much for the review! <3

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absolutely mesmerizing!! 11/10 would love to get a custom from you, i have a few questions first though, PM me when you get a moment?

Mylene Sep 21

Thank you! I love this toy a lot! ;)

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love layered stockings with sexy feet movements. such a goddess!!

Mylene Jul 13

You know how much I love shooting this kind of videos! :up_to_no_good:

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Extreme Goddess material!! love every second of it!!!

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Gorgeous, hardcore, feet, bodystockings and fisting! what more could you want?

Thank you soooo much! Im always nervious for the customs feedback O.O If I got the line well, if I did it ok...

So happy to hear! :x

Happy you enjoyed my video! :x

Mylene Apr 27