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"Yes, Daddy" call me that because you are a stupid little girl not even worth my time. I only buy true filth and good girls being told to do bad things.




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Recent Reviews

Rough BJ Oct 21 2016
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This may possibly be one of the best, roughest, and most well directed POV BJ videos on this website. The performer "ComfieCozie" definitely knows how to work the audience. I don't think I've ever been more excited to see a women who knows how to give rough head. The video starts with her giving the male talent a blowjob...followed by some stroking. There is intense eye contact all throughout the scene... and believe me, you'll also want to stare in to those sexy fucking eyes. ;) , towards the midway point, she begins to tell her partner that "You aren't slapping me enough"... seriously, I think I may of found the only girl that matters in this world! After some more rough treatment on her soft face, he shoots a large load right in to her mouth...and she eats it all up. I'd make this women my wife in an instant...she's definitely a keeper. <3

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A fantastic performance and video being delivered by Emma Chase. There are a lot of camgirls who "try" to deliver a hardcore, sloppy, and intense performance...but many of them fail to keep the viewer entertained; on the other hand, "Kitten Marie" (meow), definitely brings her A game. I was a little hesitant at first when purchasing, but after seeing the teaser trailer of her gagging on the rather large dildo, I knew this was going to be a good scene. There wasn't a moment in the video where I thought she wasn't giving it her all. I would have to say that she has exceeded all my expectations, and I'm really looking forward to buying custom videos from her in the future.

*sigh* , If she only knew how sexy those eyes of hers are when they tear up. It's so fucking sexy... WE LOVE YOU EMMA <3

Gagtastic Jul 4 2015
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This is one of Marcelline's better videos. If you like hard, nasty, whores... you will love Marcy. I think there is something special about her. She knows deep down inside what a lot of Men desire...and she exploits it quite well. There's nothing better than a girl who knows how to seduce a man with her femininity.

The video is shot in 1080p and is HD...however the FPS rate is not your standard 30fps; so there's a slight delay as the scene progresses. I think as Marcelline gets better at making videos, we will see a steady increase of the quality that is coming out. Her performance is a 10/10...she gets really nasty and wet in this one. The only thing that could of made this better is if she had a semen pumping dildo to ejaculate all over her pretty face. It would of been the icing on the cake.

I'm going to score this video a 5/5 stars for being her best video to date. I hope to see more quality 1080p HD content like this in the future.

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The difference between STPOV and any other porn websites you find that feature "real" teens is simple: Those mainstream aren't always accurate with age...while Mr Joe Jon always gets the freshest r-e-a-l teens in the industry! At the time of this review, Anastasia Knight has less than 5 scenes working for Reality Kings, Bang Bros, and Hussie Models. Mr Joe Jon happens to just book this little piece of heaven when she barely got her dental braces on; CUTE AF, AM I RIGHT? FUCK YES!

The dirty talk, ageplay, and reality of these scenes is what makes his work so fantastic. There hasn't been any good teen niche series in porn ever since Anabolic/Diabolic stopped making Bring Um Young. These new videos being released by Joe Jon proves that directors can still be original and uphold authenticity in the porn industry.

Wow, really appreciate the comparison to bring um young. What made that series was the director Jon Dough (no coincidence ) He really had a creepy dirty old man exploiting teenagers vibe that no doubt influences my work today.:]

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She's a hot 18yo girl with an adorable little princess body. If you're looking for one of the best teen videos on MV, buy this scene! It starts off with Miss AveriAlice doing a dance and showing off every part of her tight young body. She then takes her cute purple dildo and engages in some sexy eye contact POV BJ before transitioning to full body shots (I wish she did more POV BJ, her sexy eyes are beautiful AF ;) ...After wrapping her mouth around the dildo, she begins sliding the toy inside and out of her eighteen year old cunt before ending the scene with a fantastic cum. Top 3 Teen clips on MV in my book. ;)

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What a cutie! Definitely worth checking out this one! <3 ;)

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Perfect cosplaying camgirl who gets it! Felicia is fantastic. Only wished she made more rough scenes, she's so adorable <3 ;)

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She's such a good girl. ;) , this video is exactly what I was looking for! How can you not enjoy this young little girl giving you a sloppy blowjob?! The only thing I'm craving for now is if she got a little rougher.... (can we go down that road?...) that would of made this video feel perfect.

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This video is so hot! I love how Mandi wears her wedding ring and shows it off while giving a blowjob... I always imagine I'm on the receiving end while her husband is at work ;)! This is definitely a great video and her hubby is so lucky getting to blow loads over this beautiful face every day of the week! Check out her other videos!

●●●●● Read Review

This video is one of the best "Thank You" clips on this site! How can you not enjoy those sexy eyes and seductive lips? Very good film quality and lighting. I would highly recommend making other purchases if you enjoyed this video. <3

Epiphany666cb Oct 23 2016

Thank you so much for taking the time to review :)

sloppy bj! Oct 22 2016
●●●●● Read Review

"Meowmars" does an excellent job in this blowjob video. Although I feel it could of been a lot better if she shot with an HD camera/phone and used better lighting. She definitely has potential if more effort is invested in the video quality.

●●●●● Read Review

I'm positive I blew a few loads to this video. How can you not enjoy this teen that just got out of high-school?! WOW, this video will always be one of my favorites as it showed Olivia when she first started. This is amateur porn at its best! It's so adorable seeing how shy she was in the beginning. I really enjoyed the part where she strips her bra off and showed those perky tits...they literally just stood back up! I didn't realize she was packing so much behind that bra..., are you trying to give me a heart-attack, liv? ;) haha. This video is a DEFINITELY BUY! Don't wait... just do it now!

●●●●● Read Review

This is definitely one of her best videos. The film starts with her dirty talking and slowly leads to a blowjob, spank, and multiple sex positions. Her outfit is adorably cute...and wraps around her tight teen body just perfectly. I think it would be hard to not enjoy this video! There is good lighting and camera angles...although I wish this was shot in POV! There is also a few edit cuts throughout the scene; but what do you expect from an 18/19yo making her first few porn movies? :p .The only thing that's missing is a facial on that cute face... so if you're expecting that, you might be a tad disappointed. Other than that, this is must-buy!

●●●●○ Read Review

f you are in to extreme dirty talking, I would highly recommend this video. Before she became "BlueBerrySpice"... she was known as "JunoStone" and this video is a small glimpse in to her previous cam career. I think the title and direction of this film is spot on. She talks about a lot of nasty things and explains exactly how she wants to be treated. The only thing I wish she would of done more is shot with a better camera/lighting. The film quality is too dark... It was also difficult to see her face clearly because I know she has beautiful eyes....It would of been better if she focused eye contact on the camera.

●●●●● Read Review

An Amazing performance by "Jenna Banks" goes on in this pov bj style video. The camera quality is superb with a lot perfect shots focusing on her cute face. The video starts off with her giving a slow and sensual blowjob...which gradually increases in to harder gagging/deepthroating. Who would of thought this "tiny" little sex goddess would be able to take so much down her throat? (And yes, she takes the whole thing down) Haha. I guess "big" things do come in small packages!

●●●●● Read Review

She has such a beautiful face, and to see her take this long dildo down her throat...it really sets the mood for a sexy, and intense video. I'm really impressed with Rose and her performance, although, I was hoping for more of a "face fuck" video from the previews. I think this video will be good for users who want to see a slow and sloppy blowjob...but if you are wanting a more "brutal" scene, then you may want to request a custom. I definitely would not pass this one up, though! If you are a fan of hers, you will still enjoy quite a messy blowjob. ;)!

●●●●● Read Review

If you love seeing a variety of dildo sizes being beautifully swallowed, then you should probably get this video. AANGELEYES is probably one of the most amazing performers on any cam site. Don't miss out on any of her shows!

●●●●● Read Review

If you enjoyed the first "Fuck Me! Volume ONE", you will definitely love this sequel. Those sexy green eyes of hers are paramount throughout all her videos...and she knows exactly how to use them; on you! ;), other than being probably the most beautiful woman alive, she also does plenty of dirty talking in this video.. After playing with her sexy and voluptuous body for a few minutes, she starts a squirting sessions and my gawd, is it beautiful! This is probably one of my top ten favorite videos from her. She's a SEXY woman and shew knows it!!! WATCH OUT <3

●●○○○ Read Review

I love Marcelline! She is such a great performer but this video is definitely not one of her best. I wish there was more POV so we could see her beautiful face more often. :(

The video quality isn't too good because I think this may of been recorded on phone. She has better videos, but this one should probably be skipped! Still love ya, Marcy <3

I m a dumb bitch Jul 27 2016
●●●●○ Read Review

I was really hoping for some nastier dirty talking but it kept the same speed the whole video. When she pulled out her breast, I wanted to caress those lovely nipples! I thought she was gonna do it, but she only cupped them. /cry :(

I think this video could of been better if she turned herself on. Definitely needs face slapping.

●●●●● Read Review

A fantastic video set by Dolly in this very glamorous shot of her getting very sloppy! I did rate this video all 5 stars due to her performance but I will give some feedback in the comment review.

Here are some points on how she could of improved this video:

1) Should of had on more mascara and makeup.
2) Should of wiped the spit on her face.
3) Should of had more face slapping!

Another thing is, if she didn't plan on showing any nipples in this video, I think it would of been more beneficial to just wear clothes or a nice dress. I think having more color in a video is attractive. Other than that, I think the video is great! It could of been more sloppy but, can't complain. Thanks! :)

●●●●● Read Review

Absolutely perfect! Love this little teenage girl. <3 ;)

●●●●● Read Review

Looking forward to this release. I love the little "teen" niche you're showing! Only wish is that you would of been more rough with them during the shoot...but good nonetheless. ;)

●●●●● Read Review

Lola is so fucking adorable ;) , only wished she made it a little more rough! <3

my first DP Feb 27 2017
●●●●● Read Review

Not bad for a first DP! Looking forward to more content <3

●●●●● Read Review

She's such a perfect little teenage girl! OMG, wished she made more videos before she turned 20 :(, she'll always be my teen queen <3 ;)

●●●●● Read Review

Holly Beth was so perfect in this video, really loved it! Keep it up girls <3

●●●●● Read Review

God...this fucking little girl is too adorable! Really wished she made some rougher scenes, ty so much! <3

●●●●○ Read Review

Wished this was in better quality, she's so cute. <3

Messy Blow Job! Feb 27 2017
●●●●● Read Review

Loved seeing that cute face go down the dick! Although I wished it was a little messier... good nonetheless. ;)

●●●●○ Read Review

This video would of been perfect if it was HD! She's so cute. ;)

Bible Lessons Feb 27 2017
●●●●● Read Review

Loved seeing her teenage body grind those moist pussy lips all over the pages. Would love to use this little girl everyday. She's such a good girl! ;)

BJ Quickie Oct 22 2016
●●●●● Read Review

This is such a cute video of "Naomi" giving her dildo a bj! :p , I would recommend downloading this if you want to see a sneak peek in to how she performs.

●●●●○ Read Review

Very mixed feelings about this video. I really love Jenna so much but I feel as though it would of been better if this was shot in "true" pov style with the male holding the camera. The film appears to have the camera on a stand while being at a fixed angle... not only does this prevent the viewer from seeing her GORGEOUS eyes and face, but it feels lazy on the performers part. Towards the last 3 minutes, we get a better view when she sleeps back the bed and opens up. I think if the film opened up with a scene like her other BJ videos, this would of been a winner. However, due to at least more than half of the video being bad shots of the top of her hair... I can't really give this a 5 star review.

●●○○○ Read Review

Carmen is such a teenage slut and every man's wet dream... but I feel that I must be honest in this review and say the video was really awful. Her pretty little face and the clothing/makeup were the best part of this video. I wish she would work on her dirty talking skills more because I did not get aroused from any verbal comments she made. The BIGGEST disappointment in the video is the fact that there was no actual penetration being seen; I don't believe she used any dildos or fingers during the sex act. It looked as though she just moved back and forth on her bed. Not only does this upset the viewer, it begs the question; why would you put so much effort in your clothing/makeup...and absolutely none in your performance?

Now on the other hand, I think if she shot this video with her significant other...it would of been so much better. I've seen the other videos and he is dominant on this little girl!

However, if you're wondering on if this video would be a good buy...probably not. I would absolutely only get this if you had nothing else to use your money on. It just isn't worth it. :)

●●●●● Read Review

VERY HOT VIDEO! I think we need more of this on here. I really appreciate you guys making this and I love the dirty talk. The only thing I wish you guys should of done is when rose said she would suck his dick, you should of probably of done that! ;)

If she would of gotten on her knees right afterwards... oh man, so hot!

Make up sex is always hot after an argument. 5 STARS! Will be purchasing more if it keeps getting this degrading ;)