Pussypops Heart Shaped with Video $54.99

These extra large Heart Shaped Lollipops are handmade with premium ingredients. The Lollipops will be used after you order. I don't have a boyfriend and I don't "date" men - meaning no coitus - so they'll come with only my juices. You'll receive my used lollipop + a unique video masturbating with it.

Let me know which hole(s) you want me to use, or what you'd like to have to done to it. Masturbating while wearing the lollipop? Want me to pee on it? Any other requests? Feel free to ask!

Lollipops will be dried and vacuum sealed to keep them as fresh as possible. Packaging will be discreet. No additional shipping costs.

If you want me to combine them with other store items, like me wearing panties or using the lollipop during your personal Fap2Fap video, just order them too and let me know what you'd like me to do.

If you have a preference for flavour, make sure to let me know!

You can choose from: Vanilla Cupcake, Salty Caramel, Sweet Chocolate and Arabica Coffee.

Additional tags: Candy, Creamy, Food, Food Masturbation, Lollipop, Odd Insertions, Sweet.

Quantity: 1
Condition: Dirty