Fap2Fap Video $49.99

Want to see me masturbate to a video of you masturbating? Here's your chance! No one but you (and me, obviously) will see the videos, so don't be shy! It doesn't have to be a video of yourself, if you'd want me to masturbate to someone else's video, or picture, or just something else? I'm up for pretty much anything, providing it's legal. You'll receive a personal and unique video of up to 5 minutes where you'll see me masturbate to you (or whatever's your liking) and only you will get to see the video.If you want me to combine the video with other store items, like me wearing panties or using a lollipop during your personal fap2fap video, just order them too and let me know what you'd like me to do.

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best purchase on MV to date thanks Lorena!

Hello I’m interested in this What’s usually the turn over for this