Sz10 Clarks MaryJane Shoes For Sale $99.99

My every day well worn used shoes are for sale to the first fan to cough up the $100 they cost Me. They're size ten, and I almost always wear them barefooted without socks, even on 100 degree summer days here on the west coast! I know you're dying to bury your face in my fresh, reeking foot-funk, so here's your chance to get as close to My perfect, sweaty feet as possible. Add Ons: Sexy autographed note includes dirty foot prints. 'Plastic Bag' add on is vacuum-sealed for freshness. 'Make Dirty' option has no pussy juice, but THREE DAYS of one hour per day barefoot-in-shoes treadmill weartime added on.

Quantity: 1
Size: 10
Condition: Dirty