Pretty Lace Halter Dress worn In Videos $39.99

This is a dress that I have worn in more than one video and photo shoot, since I have just joined and am currently working on getting all my vids up, I don't have the ones that I have worn it in listed yet, but I have a very sexy masturbation video with toys that I will be uploading soon called "A Cat's Tail" that I wore this dress in, and it's also made an appearance in other media as well. It's a stretch tie neck halter, with a vintage look, sheer lace with jersey knit under layer.

SIze M

Brand: Do not know for sure, I usually cut my tags out, I hate tags!!! , but I think it's My Michelle

If you are a "dresser" and you like to wear womens clothing, or a female and are buying it to wear, it's still in great shape, but does show that I've worn it quite a few times. And I have NOT laundered it, so it may have smudges, makeup, etc... and will have My scent embedded into it :) Maybe a hint of perfume, since it's a dress... a lot of times, I will spray a little perfume on my dresses when I put them on, especially if I"m wearing them out, and I HAVE worn this dress out on several occasions. It's got a wonderful sweet feminine smell to it, no B/O or sweat smells... (see my workout shirts and sweaty items for that)... and I have a lot more dresses and sexy clothing to list!! Keep checking back as I'll be listing new items all the time, both in my store and in my media.

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Quantity: 1
Size: M
Condition: Worn many times