MV Popsicle TShirt $11.99

NEW MV GEAR!As part of our new Ice Cream Collection, we present you the MV Popsicle T-Shirt! A royal blue soft fabric covered with a layer of MV Treats - this is a great, trendy way to represent MV subtly and in style!

Quantity: 7
Size: S-M
Condition: New


😻 I'm in love with that shirt 💙

Lawrence Blue
Lawrence Blue deleted Dec 20 2017

The blues super cute! 💙💙💙

Arikajira Oct 7 2017

A pity this only comes in a size small-medium, there are plenty of us girls who this would no where near fit :(  .. just as has been said on other items that have catered to only the most petite sizes, store items need to be more inclusive for all models

Dirty Myrtle
Dirty Myrtle deleted Nov 3 2017

I'm with Her, on this one! Please make Bigger sizes! If it cost too much to get in bulk just take our orders in advanced ... if it's made in the states I'm a 2/3X female sizes ... unisex/Men I'm an XL ... if it's made in China I'm a 5/6X

Tinytwat Oct 6 2017

I love this I hope I win!!! 😁

RyderWilde Oct 6 2017

Love this! Would be great in other colors such as pink, white or black!!! XoXoXo

Cattie Oct 6 2017

Will there be other color options? I really dig this! Blue just doesn't work for me though :(

KittyTease deleted Oct 2 2017

oh wow!

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