Nintendo 3DS Compatible 3D Fuck Video 1 $4.99

Here's video of high school porn star Ashley and I in our girl scout themed scene. I shot this scene in 3D using two HD video cameras in a custom rig. I soon figured out how to create 3D video files compatible with the Nintendo 3DS and that's what I'm selling here. This means you can view my fuck films in 3D on your Nintendo 3DS in their full three-dimensional sticky video glory. Simply unzip the contents of the ZIP into your 3DS SD card folder \DCIM\100NIN03. You will need to turn off your 3DS, put your SD card in your computer to copy over the files from the ZIP (after you extract them) into the SD card folder \DCIM\100NIN03 (this folder should already be there), and last but not least put the SD card back into the 3DS and turn it on. I have many more 3DS compatible videos but I need to figure out how to deliver them to you beyond the 200 MB limit for ManyVids store items. Stay tuned!

Quantity: 99999
Condition: New
Downloadable file (184.03MB)


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