Neon Yellow and Black Fishnet Teddy


All panty purchases include an 8+ hour wear and 3 PICTURES of me wearing the panties delivered via email :) If you would like a video of my cumming in the panties please purchase the make panty dirty with pussy juice option and also the panty video add on found in my store. Items will be shipped in less than a week. Message me for international shipping rates.

Remaining: 1
Condition: Worn many times



Bigandy345 Sep 24 2021

Hi babes is this still available?? Id be interested in buying it an getting u to do a custom video for me of u wearing it an cumming all over it for me,  DM me if you wud like to do it for me please babes,  il maybe even treat myself to a pair of ur worn panties aswell if u have any available babes,  looking forward to hearing from you soon babe thanks xx