XL VS Brazilian Cut Cotton Panties $39.99

This specific pair of well worn Victoria's Secret brand black stretch cotton brazilian cut panties- Size XL- will be mailed to you after having been immediately prior worn for 24 hours, including while working out for at least an hour and during camshows and masturbation for the day. They will be sealed in a ziplock bag, and you'll receive full uncropped versions of the photos above for no extra charge. To include a personal note, select 'note' add on. To include 10 photos in your panties, select 'autograph' add on. To vacuum-seal your item, select 'plastic bag' add on. To add two additional days weartime, select 'make dirty' add on. To add light or heavy pee, select 'Add My Perfume' add on.

Quantity: 1
Size: XL
Condition: Worn many times