RottenStar Social Club Private Twitter $59.99

ONE YEAR access to our RottenStar Private VIP Twitter account to interact and get an in depth look at day to day happenings. Our public accounts are great, but being able to post more explicit pics and videos straight to you is best done behind locked doors. In addition we can post those random public nude pics and videos on the fly no matter where I am. So many possibilities and you can join in and give requests. Run daily fun activities where you can request a pic or clip and if possible, your custom will be shot. Go ahead and save those pics and videos shot and posted on our VIP account for your own use for as long as you wish. DM's are ALWAYS OPEN for my VIP's as they are the true fans of what I do on Social Media. Be sure to contact me with your Twitter handle after purchase on here for verification purposes. And be sure to interact and I will be sure to embrace you into the RottenStar family. Possible perks to be had include discounts on videos, memberships, and live shows. Let's see where we can take this. This offer includes Twitter private access by one account only. XOXO Alhana Winter

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Condition: New