Mystery Pantie Bundle! $34.99

I will select 3 different Victoria Secret or Pink brand Panties to ship to you! It is my choice, since this is a discounted bundled! * If you select the "Make the the panty dirty with pussy juice," I will squirt on them and put them in a plastic ziplock bag. ** I only ship items once or twice a week, but I do ship via UPS (within the US ONLY) with a tracking number, in very discreet brown envelope or brown box *

Quantity: 997
Condition: Worn many times



If I bought this bundle would u be willing to wear 1 out of the 3 panties for a day or 2 workout on them get them extra dirty with extra pussy juice squirt on them I’ll fund u and extra 20 to ur account but also squirt on the other 2 panties