Cummed on Thigh High Stockings from Vid $19.99

Black, sheer, lace top thigh high stockings worn by Kacy in "TGirl MILFs Nite In!" with TS Kristen Kraves. Recently I blew load on lace tops during "meeting" with gentleman "friend" ;-) Not up to hand washing so retiring pair and selling here. My go to brand, Berkshire Romantic, in size C/D. Original packaging included with my autograph. Buy before they're gone!



hey andrew, nice to hear from you again. if you would like items of mine, please message me here on MV and I will put them up for sale here and message you when I do. thanks for the continued interest in me and my intimate apparel.  xoxo kacy

xandyx deleted Mar 9

Hi Kacy, thx for reply. I wanted to buy some really sexy and unique things, worn by you. Search for and choose something that you would like to sell to me. I trust your good taste. 1000 kisses

xandyx deleted Mar 3

Hi Miss, i'm Andrew from Italy 31 years, nice to meet you. KISS how are you ? I wanted to know if it''s possible buy some of your sexy stuff: lingerie or items.... KISS and thx in advanced. Pls send me a message on email it's will be possible.

xandyx deleted Mar 7

Hi Kacy, thx for reply, Kiss. If you can add some of your sexy stuff or items in here i see and buy direct. I looking for stockings,panties,thongs,dress,high heels,dildo,cock rings,vibrator....and hot cream....

lol. i'll add some of that stuff. if there something different than the panties & stockings already there, please specify what more. thanks! xo