Cummed on Thigh High Stockings from Vid $19.99

Black, sheer, lace top thigh high stockings worn by Kacy in "TGirl MILFs Nite In!" with TS Kristen Kraves. Recently I blew load on lace tops during "meeting" with gentleman "friend" ;-) Not up to hand washing so retiring pair and selling here. My go to brand, Berkshire Romantic, in size C/D. Original packaging included with my autograph. Buy before they're gone!



xandyx deleted Mar 3

Hi Miss, i'm Andrew from Italy 31 years, nice to meet you. KISS how are you ? I wanted to know if it''s possible buy some of your sexy stuff: lingerie or items.... KISS and thx in advanced. Pls send me a message on email it's will be possible.

hey andrew, nice to hear from you again. if you would like items of mine, please message me here on MV and I will put them up for sale here and message you when I do. thanks for the continued interest in me and my intimate apparel.  xoxo kacy

xandyx deleted Mar 7

Hi Kacy, thx for reply, Kiss. If you can add some of your sexy stuff or items in here i see and buy direct. I looking for stockings,panties,thongs,dress,high heels,dildo,cock rings,vibrator....and hot cream....

lol. i'll add some of that stuff. if there something different than the panties & stockings already there, please specify what more. thanks! xo

xandyx deleted Mar 9

Hi Kacy, thx for reply. I wanted to buy some really sexy and unique things, worn by you. Search for and choose something that you would like to sell to me. I trust your good taste. 1000 kisses