Give Me Head Phones $349.99

I thought about turning this description into an extended oral sex joke. You know, headphones? HEADphones? I'm too jaded for this nonsense. I need these headphones for work so I can make my videos sound awesome for you. How 'bout that?

Quantity: 99
Condition: New


ddude89 Feb 11 2018

Will you be using those to also make headphone fetish clips? I would be really interested to see a pov blowjob scene of you rocking those!
Perhaps consider making clips like that and I'll definitely chip in ;)

txcty10 Jan 22 2018

Hello there,
So this may sound weird at first but I actually work at bestbuy and sell the headphones you have on your store as well as the PlayStation and if you wanted I could actually get you a discount! I’m a fan and I’d love to help you out:)