Princess Pink Thong $59.99

A sweet confetti splattered pink thong snug on my pussy, with see-thru lace letting u get a peek at all the good bits. I feel like a party girl and a princess in these-- The Last Time I'll wear this is when I wear it just for you for about 3-4 days. I will seal & ship within 1-2 weeks (depending on previous orders). I am very proud of my heavenly pussy and musky booty scent & love to share it with the men I know and strangers as well. Mark off *make the panty dirty with pussy juice* if you'd like this thong EXTRA SMELLY and cummed in 2x. Mark off "add my perfume to the item" if You Want Me to Make a 3min video of me playing in the thong, JUST FOR YOU.

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Condition: Worn only once or twice