Buy Goddess Harlow An IMacPRO $349.99

Goddess Harlow runs your world, everything about her has you enticed to do more, be more, be better, serve better. Since finding her your life has begun to have meaning again. The right thing to do is to thank her in a way that not only pleases her but helps support the work she does every day. Buying Goddess a new computer is the PERFECT way to do that.

Get to purchasing little slave, You wouldn't want another to pass you up and steal this opportunity to prove to Goddess how much you truly care.

PLEASE NOtE :: ManyVids does not allow us to charge more than 350.00 PER item so to ensure you purchase the computer correctly you MUST tribute $350.00 14 times.

I think this is more fun... Let's see what good boy can follow these directions.

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Condition: New