Snapchat Level 5: Cum $169.99

**YOU MUST ALREADY BE ADDED ON MY SNAPCHAT!If you do not have it, you can either buy it as a separate store item or make it rain $50 on my profile for lifetime access. I do not accept friend requests, I will only send them. Now for the fun part!With this purchase you can select ONE of the acts shown in the photos provided that you would like for me to perform on my Snapchat story. Everyone with access will be able to watch everything with you. Sometime's it's fun not to just choose your own adventure but, everyone else's too. Below I'm going to detail what can be expected with each option if they get chosen:1. Body Cum Shot: Tell us how to get warmed up, which positions to fuck in, and where you want his load to end up on my body.2. Creampie Show: We will have an intimate warm up, you can select which position he should be in when he fills me with his cum.3. Facial Finish Show: This warm up will be very slobbery and dirty. You can pick our positions, the facial will be shown up close at the end regardless.4. Facial Squirting Show: This show will be all about me, it doesn't end until I cum on his face too. We get full freedom over this show but, you're guaranteed to see both of us cum here.Only one per purchase but, you can make multiple purchases a day! My baby has a day job so if any B/G items are chosen while he isn't home, you can trust me to make sure to do it as soon as he gets back. Can't wait to see what you get us into. XX

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