Members only Snapchat $39.99

Want to join my members only 18+ snapchat? Here's the information:

What’s it like? Throughout the day I post multiple pictures and videos to my story so that you can view at your convenience. I do NOT take requests or demands, sorry! I have too many members to do specific things but I try to post a variety.

When will I be added? Usually as soon as I get the notification. However; I say within 24 hours to be safe. Sometimes I get adds in the middle of the night or when I'm shooting but I do my best to have you on there ASAP.

Can I screenshot? Yes, you can take screenshots but I ask that you don’t screenshot EVERYTHING. If I notice you are screenshotting every single thing I post (yes, I look) I will ask you to chill out a little. I post daily so no need to go crazy, save your favorites and let the rest be. Also note that you can NOT repost these pictures anywhere, it’s exclusive for members. Doing so will get you banned.

What can I send you pictures of? It doesn’t matter to me! But know that I’m not going to engage in any sexual talk. I do love to see parts of your daily life and learn more about you! Pet pictures, travel, adventure...don’t be shy!

Can I tell you what I want to do to you/make sexually explicated comments? Sure, if you’d like to but I’m not going to respond back in a sexual way. Expect a ha-ha, an emoji, or no response at all.

Why don’t you post more dirty stuff? Because I don’t want to.

Can we hang out? No, sorry I don’t do any one-on-one meetups or hangouts. If you’d like to meet me I suggest you keep an eye on any upcoming events I may be attending.

If I pay you will you show me more/do more? No, sorry I’m not interested.

Will you talk to me? Yes! I do my best to respond and talk with you. But I do have a life outside of snapchat and I get a lot of daily “hey” “how are you?” “how’s your day?” messages so I can’t respond to everything, specifically if it’s not congruent with a conversation. I do my best though!

Will I receive anything in the mail? No, your address is only needed for billing reasons. I will not be sending anything to your house. This purchase is for snapchat access only.

Is this a monthly fee? No, a one time charge.

Can I get a refund? If you have not been added or accepted the friend request, yes. But if you've been a member and viewing the content, no you cannot be refunded.

Can I cancel my membership? Since it's a one time charge you don't need to cancel anything. Simply remove my username from your friends like and you'll no longer see my content.


Please don't be rude! I reserve the right to remove you from my friends list at any time. 3 strikes and you're off. No refunds.

Please make sure to type your username correctly!

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Condition: New