Juicy worn panty grab bag


I've got an over flowing panty drawer, so it's time to get them out of my dirty laundry basket and into your hands to worship! Want to smell me, my scent deeply set in each pair? Do you want to taste what I taste like? Mmmmmm you know you want to enjoy whats been in between my legs for days on end *giggle* Buy them now before someone else takes away your chance!

Remaining: 4
Condition: Dirty



Just add some - skid marks to the panties with your pussy cream and a short video of you doing it for extra $80.00 So about ( $30.00 for panties )  and  $80.00 for the video - $110.00 for everything  ?

JamesJA Sep 4

very interested please message me

I want the leopard print thong that in the picture and with no pee stains or poo stains please.

I am at 30$ I want them very pussy smelling no poo no pee extra cream with photos ! Can you do this for 50$

bytheside234 Apr 3 2023

Which ones are left? Interested in buying

mafiaking4 Oct 26 2021

Goddess, I'm interested in your Text Me package. Can you please DM me to discuss?

Rainingd Mar 5 2018

Could u plz msg me my goddess about panties an a few other things

xpatrickxstarx Oct 20 2016

does purchase get u one pair or all

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