Random Panties $9.99

Can’t decide on a pair of panties you’d like? Or maybe you’d just enjoy a surprise!

If you purchase this a random pair of panties from my massive collection will be delivered to your doorstep just how you desire.

If you purchase this item as is with no add ons you’ll receive a pair of panties of mine straight of the panty drawer. CLEAN!

If you select a sexy note you’ll get one of my stickers with your order!

If you select perfume I’ll add my perfume to a pair of panties before sending them out.

And if you select panties dirty I’ll wear them/ play in them before sending them out to you!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Panties are sent out in a black bubble mailer, return address is Mickey Rose and my P.O. Box number. If you need a more discreet return address message me and we can set up a code return address so you’ll know it’s me!

Quantity: 24
Size: M-L
Condition: Worn many times