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When your friend told you that they wanted to set you up on a blind date, this was not what you were expecting. This wild young woman is not at all you usual type. She's loud, sarcastic, and borderline gothic.

You look across the table over your bitter americano and see her eyes twinkling behind thick black framed glasses. She's much more eccentric than you, who showed up to the date early in your button up shirt. She wandered in 15 minutes late in knee-high combat boots and a miniskirt. She's been talking to you about entomology and science. She's strangely macabre and forward. She has bright tattoos painted across her forearms, and you wonder where else she might be hiding them.

She sets down her coffee cup and raises her eyebrows with an unfamiliar expression painted across her face. She opens her legs slightly and lifts her skirt. In the middle of this crowded cafe, she's flashing you her black cotton panties. She looks into your eyes and smiles mischievously. You look behind you, appalled. You try to find the words to express your outrage, but your mouth hangs open in silence.

You are surprised to find yourself excited and unable to look away from the dark panties cupping her treat beneath that too-tight miniskirt. She bites her lip and, looking from left to right cautiously, sticks her hands up her skirt to find the waist band of her panties.

In one swift motion she pulls her panties down to her knees where she hesitates for a moment and opens her legs wide for you to gaze upon her sweet wet cunt. She slips the panties over her boots and hands them to you.

** please note the small rip in the backside of these panties

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Condition: Damaged