Kellys Trans Dating Classes with vids $98.99

Course Includes:

Welcome to the first step of Kelly’s Bootcamp! I think this will be a very important step in the right direction if you are looking to be taken more serious by transsexuals. Trans-women are hit up constantly by men and most of them come off so wrong! Even if you are a good guy; how you speak to us may come across as if you are a “tranny chaser”! You never want to be in this area, it means you are either in the “client” area if the girl escorts or in the block/ignore/hate area if they girl isn't an escort. Trans-woman are ultra-sensitive due to many have only been tranisitioned for a few years, so anything reminding them of their masculinity can make them act out. My boot camp will teach you how to come across the correct way.

Believe me when I say most girls have no patience, strike that make that 90% of girls have no patience when it comes to men. They will even try tripping you up on purpose. For example speak dirty to you fast so you "show them" you are just like any other guy that hits them up every five seconds. Is it because they enjoy this…NO..they just assume automatically you are a tranny chaser!

My bootcamp will give you all the skills you need to interact with us and be the man that we need! From my do’s and don’t’s to my fake situations I’ll put you in to understanding us and understanding you! I will utilize Online/email to help you be the best you can be! Some guys may pick up everything fast and other guys may need longer. I don't really like to put time frames on these matters, due to everyone learns differently.

For 3 weeks of rehab I will charge you $100 this will include 1 to 2 hours of Online shows a week, emails, and test taking. Yes I will be giving you a test to see what you have learned! These lessons should stick in your head so they become a habit!!! I also want you to know where to find the best girls! So any girl you are interested PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ME! I want to know how the date goes or what you talk about! I know when a girl is trying to hustle a guy and when they are serious. It goes both ways! I will also try to find girls of my own for you in your area.

I will need total honesty from you and I will give you total honesty back. I may even be blunt sometimes on what you think is right when it is totally wrong! Please, know I’m not trying to be mean, only trying to break you of your bad habits!!

Lots of Love and Luck,



1) Accepting yourself

2) Where to meet girls

3) Identifying the different branches under the umbrella and how to deal when you identify them in the wrong category!

4) Scenario Dating/Convos

5) How to identify girls that are playing games or hustling.

6) What never to say!

7) My do's and don'ts

8) SEX - making sure you know how to pleasure her rather you are a top vs bottom.

9) Random FACTS and other things you should know so you can be a ROMEO not a DUD.