Snapchat AND 1Vid $64.99

I will be starting weekly story cumshows when I add 10 new subscribers!


New Snap! A glimpse into my vanilla and xxx life. Screenshots are okay, chat is okay, however, I reserve my time for in depth convos/dirty talk for my regs (long term, consistent support) or those that have purchased the time. Dick pics are not okay unless you're a reg or paid for it and its at an appropriate time. Pet pics are always welcome..for free..from anyone..reg or not.

I consider my Snap a lifetime subscription, however, ghost members are removed after the 6+ month mark without notice.

Ghost member - one who purchases Snapchat with the intention of never supporting the model ever again.

*Supporting includes tipping, visiting my live stream room, striking up convo in the room, promo-ing my tweets, gifting, etc.

Quantity: 10
Condition: New