Private Snapchat for 3 months $14.99


1. NO DICK PICS. If you send a dick pic, you will be blocked with no refund and your name will be sent to various sex worker groups to block you as well.

2. NO SEXTING. I have a private Kik for a reason :)

3. NO SCREENSHOTS. This will also result in blocking with no refund and name shaming to other sex workers.

4. If you're paying for something other than lifetime membership, your name and the date of purchase will be saved. I will send you a reminder one week before your membership expires asking if you'd like to renew it or pay for lifetime access. If you fail to renew your membership by the expiration date, you will be automatically unfriended.

5. Sorry, but I don't offer anything lower than the $15 for 3 months deal.

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