Steam ADD ON 3 Hour Gaming Session $66.99

I am a huge Gaming Geek, i love my Steam and have always wanted to offer a chance for my 'fans' to play video games with me for hours on end! Once you have been added to my Steam from purchasing the original listing, and you purchase this listing - you will get 3 hours of video game time with me on whatever online game that i have. Once you have purchased this add on send me an email to raven.raith@gmailDOTcom (obviously change the ending of the email), with the subject line “Purchased Steam ADD ON 3 hours Gaming on MV” and email me a receipt (screen cap) of your purchase. Don't forget to tell me your Steam name so i can make sure i am setting the game up with the right user. Double check spelling to ensure transaction goes smoothly. I game between 11am-7:45 pm EST generally. Let me know a few days and times you would be available to game with me, wait for me to get your email and purchase, and I will let you know my soonest availability and we can book our game session. I have a headset too, and do not mind chatting with you on there. If you would like more or less time than i have available, please message me for a custom listing request. Current Games List: Dead By Daylight, Dota 2. (If there are any games you suggest for me to purchase, or checkout please let me know!! I also have games available on my Steam wishlist, if you wish to surprise me with any)...

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Condition: New