Flowers in my Fertile Garden Photoset $49.99

I invite you to saunter into my garden of passion and paradise.

I embrace my full womanhood by adoring my natural hairs. They're a symbol of how strong and sexually mature my body is, and even better, they display the confidence of a true hairy goddess.

My patches of fur resemble the most fertile soil, where love is made and life is created. The birds and the bees gather to my oasis, enchanted by my lush flora.

Beware: you'll become overwhelmed with the burning desire to touch, smell, and taste my shrubs. Get too close and you may get pricked.

These 25 heavenly shots, taken in high resolution with a Canon Rebel DSLR camera, show every strand of my thick, luscious hairs in their full glory. From my head, to my hairy little toes. These photos will drip the morning dew out of your stems.

The inner petals of my beautiful flower will not show, as they are covered by my glorious bush.

Come take a stroll through my garden, explore, and enjoy the divine essence of the female form.

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Condition: New
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EroticEevee Feb 7 2018

Thanks Bud! I definitely have videos cumming in the future, it's just so hard to find time because I want to make sure they are perfect! <3

budmanrc51 Jan 22 2018

Absolutely gorgeous and I just cannot seem to get enough of these incredibly beautiful and sexy photos of you💘 I hope that more will be made available or some videos, as I am a HUGE fan💘

EroticEevee Feb 7 2018

Omg thank you so much!!! I'd like to think of you as a guardian angel ^o^<3

adrax3 Jan 12 2018

Introduced by the finest enticing doctoral laureate's prose, E.E. shows the earthly divinity of her natural growth and slender form from many wonderful angles; you'll feel as if you're a minor holy spirit floating above and beside her.  Through no fault of her own, E.E. sets an impossibly high standard for feminine body hair!