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Hello, if you are looking for sexy women’s panties, impregnated with the delicious, exciting scent of women’s delights, you got where you need) I offer a truly individual product, with an individual approach to each client. Do you want to feel the most delicate scent of urine? no problem) Do you want to add flavor, light creamy-nutty notes? It will be done .. Or maybe you are a connoisseur of tart smells fermenting from 5days to 2 weeks? And this is possible. Appreciate the unique approach to creating one of the most sexy and exciting thing, feminine fragrant panties) I will happily gladden you with one of the best fragrances in the world. PS: Also being a fetishist of my panties, I know as you know what you need, changing various methods of making a product, I achieve truly unique and multifaceted fragrances on my worn panties)#SweetBettyunderwear

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