Wet Panty $39.99

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Do you feel like an exciting, hot adventure? On a wet, fragrant experience that will take your breath away and touch all your senses? Are you hot, on my irresistibly horny pussy and her wet, creamy traces? Her beguiling scent? Then come into my sinful world and let yourself be seduced by me and my flavors. I wear it for you for a day. If you choose the option "Make the panty dirty with pussy juice", i will wear it 3 days for you. If that is too little for you and you need it much more intense or you want special extras to the panty, (like orgasm / inside etc.) write me. I can fulfill you pretty much. This hot stuff could soon be in your hands. Ready to drive you out of your mind. Enjoy my fragrances, feel my wild greed! I will choose one of my panties. If you have specific wishes for shape or color, feel free to write me. I have hundreds of them :).Please note that shipping to the US can take 6-14 days. The panties are vacuumed so that they do not lose their fragrance or moisture.

Quantity: 175
Condition: Worn many times