Fullback Big Pink Panties Worn 12 Hours $49.99

Will wear for 12 hours and for 1 workout. Hold something in your hands I've worn on my pussy and ass. I can only imagine how much you'll enjoy my scent! All items are shipped in discrete packaging and sealed in a plastic bag. Comment or message me if you'd like to order a custom video separately of me using or utilizing these panties. :) They have been worn on my live webcam stream and masturbated and washed and re-worn and re-performed and masturbated in many times before, and are now ready to retire from my collection. Masturbating(AKA 'making dirty with pussy juice') listed in extras down below. I will cum in them once at the end of the 12 hour wear if you check this and seal them right after.

Quantity: 1
Condition: Worn many times