MV Black Leggings $14.99

Grab these MV Black Leggings with the word MANYVIDS written down the left leg and show off your MV Swag daily! Great for working out, adventures & at-home wear! Size S/M (stretchy).

Quantity: 49
Condition: New


Lets get a bigger size for us ladies over 6 feet tall!

can we get these in larger sizes? im 5"10 with a 52 inch ass and look shit hot in leggins

Rory V May 12

I’d rock these

Yo I’d represent these like crazy 🎀🌸🦊

Is there a sizing chart?

I love these but I’m 5’10 and a s/m won’t fit right :`(

ZelenaCD deleted Mar 3

Will def order!


More sizes please! 😅

KittyTease deleted Jan 17 2018


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