MV Squad Bundle $54.99

The ultimate MV Squad bundle comes with: An MV Squad Hoodie, MV Black Leggings, an MV Oversized Crop Top & a pink MV Beanie!This new black patterned set will upgrade your wardrobe & leave you feeling extremely stylish! Contact after purchase to specify which size you'd like for the MV Squad Hoodie! (ONLY Sizes XL & 2X left)

Quantity: 6
Condition: New


I want this! ❤️

i want this!

Ugh this is so cute 😭<3

What! sell in a bundle Fuck Ya that's My kind of Smarts

ugh i would love to have this its so cute!!!

Rory V May 12

Super cute! Totally need this! :charge_it:

Pretty cute

So Awesome!

Great job :)

So cute!!!

Love them!

n301_XXX Mar 23


Cute! Got to get a set.

Leggings only come in a size S/M and the hoodie only comes in sizes L, XL, 2X, & 3X

Great question. I would like to know that before i buy as well.

Is the Hoodie the only item we can choose the size on? If so, what size do the shirt and pants come in? This is a great deal for $54.99, but only if we're sure everything is going to fit.

Someone please explain to me why I cant just have these for freeeee lol i want so bad 😭

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