MV Squad Bundle $54.99

The ultimate MV Squad bundle comes with: An MV Squad Hoodie, MV Black Leggings, an MV Oversized Crop Top & a pink MV Beanie!This new black patterned set will upgrade your wardrobe & leave you feeling extremely stylish! Contact after purchase to specify which size you'd like for the MV Squad Hoodie! (ONLY Sizes XL & 2X left)

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Condition: New

I want this! ❤️

i want this!

Ugh this is so cute 😭<3

What! sell in a bundle Fuck Ya that's My kind of Smarts

ugh i would love to have this its so cute!!!

Rory V May 12

Super cute! Totally need this! :charge_it:

Pretty cute

So Awesome!

Great job :)

So cute!!!

Love them!

n301_XXX Mar 23


Cute! Got to get a set.

Leggings only come in a size S/M and the hoodie only comes in sizes L, XL, 2X, & 3X

Great question. I would like to know that before i buy as well.

AylaEXPOSED Jan 16 2018

Is the Hoodie the only item we can choose the size on? If so, what size do the shirt and pants come in? This is a great deal for $54.99, but only if we're sure everything is going to fit.

KitKatUzumaki Jan 16 2018

Someone please explain to me why I cant just have these for freeeee lol i want so bad 😭

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