Platinum Dick Rating $29.99

This is the meca level of cock rating that I offer. You will receive a personal video in which; I will be in a state of undress of your choice, give you an initial reaction to each photo by viewing them for the first time, i will show you each picture i am analyzing as I view the photos and judge them accordingly. I will rate each photo individually as well as your dick overall, (size, length, girth, grooming, balls, hair, oresentation, quality of the photo, etc)

The ratings will be out of 10, 1 being worst and 10 being the best, and include my thorough and blunt opinion. I will also make my decision of wether or not I would suck/fuck you, (if i was single that is!)

After purchasing, i will dm you my email. From there, please email your 3 best photos with subject line, "Dick Rating:(your mv name here)".

Be sure your photos are well lit and well focused.

Follow instructions exactly, or you will not be rated nor refunded.

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