Jacquie Blu Cumpilation Vol 1 DVD $24.99

Five original scenes.

"Summoning Slutty Mary"

It was on a fateful Halloween Eve night when Jacquie receives a text from her sex worker girlfriend. “Remember,” she joked, “don’t call for Slutty Mary in the mirror or you’ll get fucked 6 ways from Sunday!” Jacquie gets a good laugh but still can’t resist going to the mirror and attempting to summon her. Jacquie can't keep a straight face for long and bursts into laughter at her own silliness. Suddenly, she gets a cold chill and begins to sense a dark presence behind her. Starring Jacquie Blu and Sadie Synn.

"Sister's Attrition"

Sister Jacquie hasn't had any sex in ages. She is in torment. She wants to be a good nun and not touch herself, but the cravings are unbearable. She turns to the bible for guidance and strength. She prays and recites passages over and over, but it's not helping. In frustration, she flings the bible across the room and breaks down in tears. Somewhere across the vast reaches of the universe a demon's ears perk up, hearing her tormented thoughts and prayers. So, she decides to pay Sister Jacquie a little visit. Starring Jacquie Blu and Morena Black.

"Feast Of Epona"

This old VHS footage was found in the vault of Sister Regina Augusta, and seems to be some sort of fertility ritual. Two people don black robes, and light candles, before putting on black horse head masks. Then they fuck their fertility sacrifice, first with a large blue horse dildo, then a HUGE realistic life-size horse cock strap on! They take turns filling up her holes, before the smaller cock spews a huge load of cum all over her face! Featuring: Jacquie Blu, Zarpas Afectuosas and Audus Isiaih.

"Taking Polls"

Natalie is going door-to-door taking a poll on sex practices of couples in the neighborhood. Little does she realize how good her day is about to become. Watch what happens when she knocks on the door of Jacquie and Kristen's house. Taking polls begins to take on a whole new meaning. Starring Jacquie Blu, Natalie Chen and Kristen Kraves.

"Where's My Cat?

Lana has been going up and down the neighborhood searching for her lost cat, Luna. As she walks by, she frantically knock's on Jacquie's door in hope that someone might have seen her. Jacquie opens the door and Lana quickly goes inside, calling her cat's name. Things take turn as Jacquie helps Lana look under the bed and Lana gets distracted by Jacquie's ass. Starring Jacquie Blu and Lana Solaire.


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