Tarot Reading: 12 Month Outlook $39.99

With the recent widespread interest in my readings and the hearts I have touched, I want to offer various readings on a bigger platform to everyone!Whether you're a model wondering about your upcoming success, a member looking to find love or absolutely anything in between, this is a great reading to start with.What's a 12-Month Outlook? We can focus on a specific path or goal in your life that you're curious about or go for a general vibe of how the next 12 months could play out for you. I draw a card to represent you in your current situation, then 1 card for each of the next 12 months to give you a complete outlook for the year and help you prepare for things. This can be done at ANY point during the year and will be done from the current month to next year's current month (for example: March to March). If this month is almost over, we'll jump to the next month.I prefer to do these readings live (Online, Snapchat Periscope, etc.) because energy is much stronger for me when I know you're readily able to respond, but I can also send a video, audio or text explanation of your outcome.Never had your cards read? That's ok! It's not nearly as scary as it sounds and often gives direction, peace and inspiration

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