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After popular demand I’m now offering Dick Rating Video. So.. Impress me, let me see your cock at its full potential (The Harder the Better). I want to see that cock at the best angle. I want to see how big those balls are, how low they hang, the thickness of your shaft, whether it's curved, smooth, thick, veiny, thin, long, short. Do you shave, trim or keep it natural, let me be the judge! I will be rating your cock on the following: Length, Girth, Balls, Overall Appeal, How Horny your dick gets me,  Overall Rating *** You will Receive a personalised digital  ‘Dick Rating’ video from me (4 Mins Maximum) with a in-depth review of your cock. Video will be topless and some teasing but it WON’T include any XXX Pussy/Anal.

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Awesome ! A must have, really loved it ! Thank you goddess

A must own for any Kimberley fan or man in general. Great quality (as you would expect from her vids), speedily shot and she looks as stunning as always. Why wouldn't you want to get this? Trust me... it's worth it.

If you have a dick this is a must buy. Kimberley just knows everything to say, you will not be disappointed.

A must purchase 
The sexy Kimberley is so hot in the video 
Teasing you too.....
You won't be disappointed with this purchase.....

Hbrock May 19

Really hot, honest, and quick! Miss Kimberley gives an amazing review! This is a definitely must buy! You won't be disappointed!

Hugedork Apr 26

Amazing video. Snap these up while you can.

Sp1000 Mar 25

Thank you for the video rating kimberley, I faired better than expected 😊

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