squirt juice


buy my juice! and i will sand you in a video how it made...

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4x4rangerover May 4 2022

Hi. Can you dm me..would like to purchase this. Thanks

Wornpanties Oct 9 2021

contact me pls

Sucarios Nov 30 2020

Do you ship to u.s

fresnoteenguy Apr 8 2020

Can you message me please

fresnoteenguy Mar 22 2020

hey can you message me about this please?

Garyson1 Nov 9 2019

hi, im very intrested, can you message me?

thor himmler Feb 13 2019

If you could reply to this by sending a dm, that’s be great.
Regarding your squirt juice, can you please tell me more:
1.)What would it be stored in(clean glass jar)? 
2.)Would the video showing it being made be fresh or already made? 
3.)How will you be able to ship it to me(Los angeles)? Does the cost include shipping? Lol. I REALLY want to experience Your squirt juices. Just Your germs. Preferably as fresh and clean as possible. And by clean, I mean like after you took a shower or something, and after peeing. Is this possible? When I watch your squirt videos, I fantasize about you squirting on my naked body and maybe tasting it. I’m surprised it’s for sale. Please let me know if it’s possible to get it as fresh as possible? Thank You!

thor himmler Feb 13 2019

And I just laughed as I re read my post. But I’m very interested in experiencing your juices.

LouSnyder deleted Nov 30 2018

It is 100% real natural squirt nutritious from the oak and made with love?

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