MV Swimsuit $19.99

The NEW MV Swimsuit is a shiny pink one piece - perfect for all your summer needs! With high-cut thighs, and a low-cut thong back, you will surely be turning heads this year in your MV Gear! Comes in sizes Large or XL! Want to complete your ultimate beach babe look? Pair it with the MV Snapback and MV Tote Bag!

Quantity: 38
Size: OS
Condition: New


not a want but a NEED

This is so cute! Definitely on my wish list in size xl 🥰💕


zdarfan Nov 23

Hello. I just purchased one of these for a model, but did not see a size selection. I would like it to be size XL, please.


JaiannaJaye deleted Nov 11

Buying for my next MV Photoshoot!! 🎀

Need! 😍

Cuando llegara mi orden

I want! *pouts*

I really want one but I feel like a medium might be too big

Right like where are the smalls !!!

going to buy this soon :3

awww so cute, I would love if one of my fans bought this for me!

Hey Bob, I was unable to update the shipping status but I can assure you it has been sent and she should receive it shortly!

Great ,thanks a lot

I bought one as a gift for a MV Model on the 23rd, still shows as not sent, please advise

I agree 😔

dreadgawd deleted May 27

I mean this is cute but honestly, this product shouldn’t be on the market unless you have ALL SIZES FOR ALL WOMEN OF DIFFERENT SHAPES AND SIZES💯💯💯 really was gonna but this til I realized I’m too small to fit it😔

this is absolutely adorable but it'd be much too large! i hope more size options become available! ^.^

I want one of these so bad! Someone please get me 1 of these!:A

KittyTease deleted May 24


hehehe IDK if that's enough floss for me. =P My butt I'll eat the logo on the back. Then again that may look cute. :A

Please release in size XS or Sm... It's hard being 100 lbs ;_;

this is soooo cute

Hope I get Medium, hope it fits! I just ordered one <3

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