Panties from High School and College $149.99

LIMITED SUPPLY!! While home visiting family I found a bag of my old clothing from high school and college. They have all been worn a ton by me but they are clean right now so if you want me to cum in them it is extra. There are only 14 pairs of panties that I found, so make sure you get them before they run out! :)

Quantity: 13
Condition: Worn many times



okyea1 Mar 9

also. what style and colors. pm me

You have a list of style and colors?

85motoxxx deleted May 28

I really want thes panties! Do you have the ones you wore when you lost your virginity? Do you have any that you wore on a date when you had sex? How old were you when you lost you virginity? I would also like to buy some of your pussy juice/cream! I would really like to taste you!!!