FOR MV STARS: 2 Video Cover Designs $9.99

Designing and uploading your own video cover makes it much more likely that customers will click on it. It helps the video to stand out, since it has writing on it. Also, it lets customers know what the video is about in places where they see only the cover, and not the title. Well designed covers will bring many more clicks to your videos. I have a bachelor's degree in graphic design, and I enjoy designing very much. If you look at my most recent videos, those would be examples of the type of covers I design. If you purchase this item, please message me the screen shots you want to use as covers, for two videos, as well as the title of the videos, and any additional information that you want to be on the covers. I will add the title and other information to the covers, and message them back to you.

Quantity: 100
Condition: New