Panties any kind you like and will wear as long as you like


I have lots of colors I will pick one and send

Remaining: 93
Condition: Worn many times



Do you ship to Mexico?

Can i have the Same panties like in the picture?

hotlynn Jan 9

Hey I don't have them but some like them

Can you message me please. I would like to purchase a pair

hotlynn Jan 9

Hey what kind would you like

Alvarovenudo May 7 2023

I want the ones in the pic pls msg privately

hotlynn Oct 24

You can have them

hotlynn Jan 9

As long as you want

hotlynn Oct 24

As long as you like

Don21juan Dec 30 2022

How long do you wear them?

hotlynn Oct 24


fleshh Mar 20 2022

Any white ones?

Sirimal Oct 12 2021

Do you have t panties

hotlynn Oct 24


Dee51301980 Jan 20 2021

Do you wear them for a day before sending them

hotlynn Oct 24

Oh yes

Hanku0 Dec 31 2020

If I buy, how can I get pictures of you wearing this?

hotlynn Oct 24

I will send through here

hotlynn Oct 24


stm400 Jun 4 2020

did u have white

hotlynn May 6 2020

yes I have lace ones but no red let sorry

Browniebig Sep 27 2018

Do you have a red one lace big pantie?

hotlynn Oct 24

I have red ones no lace

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