XL Vial of my Spit $32.99

Do you want to know what it's like to taste me or feel me on your skin? Do you want to add that special personal touch to a custom video?

Here is the perfect add on, that is unique each time it's made: an extra large vial of my spit.

To my knowledge, this vial holds a whole 2 ounces or so of my liquid. This is the biggest one I've ever filled! You can use it as lube or how ever you like.

Due to the time sensitive nature of the item, it can only be shipped with priority shipping in the United States. Thank you for looking, PM me with any questions!

Quantity: 5
Size: XL
Condition: Very Dirty



ClIntsecret deleted Feb 25

Message me about this plz

Liam96 Feb 6

Hey, i cant pm you because im not a paid member. So if you message me first i can reply. I want too order a custom vid and vial of your lovely juices. Maybe with panties as well.