PunkGirls + PunkSound: 4 Punk ShootsGame of RolesAlicia comes in to provoke Bluttie… but she has disguised! of man?? Perhaps it´s right because she likes to dominate the situation… but reached the moment, Bluttie Kat, our obedient girl, makes a radical change of role! We find out a harness between her legs.Suddenly is she who dominates Alicia, and then Alicia takes control again! and then upside down!! Both play to obtain and give pleasure until reaching an incredible orgasm. Our girls love to enjoy this playing of switches, this game of roles!! Wicked ShotsA pub as the setting and four beautiful women are the perfect combination for a Saturday night. Sofi Mora, Onix Babe, Zoe Nil and Lory Ross; the girls have a great time chatting, having and they decide to start playing. Kisses, caresses…everything leads to lust in them. Lory Ross’s first scene for Altporn4U and her first mass lesbian are not reasons enough to intimidate this girl who got along perfectly, in fact she even gave each girl her piece of orgasm, one by one, after all of them made her reach the climax. As usual in Altporn4U, real lesbian sex!!A kitty on the roofThe cities rooftops hide many secrets which are so far away to be discovered by the people (we also) who are living under our roofs… Secrets like Delight Doll revels to us, a wonderful kitty, with tattooed skin and very exciting. You´ll fall under her spell with her catlike blue eyes and you would like to surround in her orgasmic sex…and we warm you that we have discovered something very interesting about that pretty and subjugating alternative actress… she is able to achieve her orgasm in a different and peculiar way, so, that girl is a delight for everyone… GraffitiTwo of our most alternative girls, colorful and multi-orgasmic, Silvia Rubí and Alicia Tank, face to face, for the first time and confront each other in a duel to a high voltage sex, a body-to-body combat, piercing-to-piercing, orgasm-to-orgasm. But the dispute between both lovers,does not stop there, in Safo´s territory, during the lesbian scene, in the half of it, it will appear a third character…Mario Viciouss, an urban porn perverse faun, will be involved in the games of our alternative nymphs, and he will change the rules of the game, becoming the duel between women in an explosive threesome, where we could see all type o horny choreograpies, anal sex, double penetration, blow-duet, rimming, etc….Get now this limited DVD, dedicated and signed by Irina Vega


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