Pee 40z Jar


Receive 4oz of my piss in a leak proof jar. Select "make panty dirty with pussy juice" to have my creamy cum mixed in . Select "add perfume to item" for double the cum. BE SURE TO SELECT THE BAGGING OPTION!!

Quantity: 94
Size: OS
Condition: Very Dirty



ITill available

McGee95 Jul 10

Still available

Cattie Jul 11


zedzeebra deleted Feb 14 2022

Do you ship to Canada

Cattie Feb 14 2022

Yes! Just be sure to select international shipping at checkout

Miraie Oct 13 2021

do you ship it in europe ?

Boberttt Sep 6 2021

About to order how can I get a video of u filling jar

Boberttt Jul 11 2021

Can u send it to Colorado

Cattie Jul 12 2021


demcmaster422 Jun 20 2021

Is this still available

Cattie May 13 2021

The photo shown is not the one sent. Every order gets a different photo (if added to the order)

TOURNIKITE deleted May 13 2021

aalmost want this just for pic

Boberttt Jul 11 2021

Dose it cum with video of u filling jars

vanman439 Mar 16 2020

I'm interested in purchasing this item with most of the extras.  I'm in USA, is there an option to overnight ship so it is as fresh as possible?

Franke96 deleted Feb 26 2020

do you ship to eu?

Cattie Feb 26 2020

Yes, I do! You'll find this upon checkout

tamrichards77 Dec 28 2019

Tasted delicious! Got them in time for X-Mas & Cattie’s golden nectar still tasted great😘 I’ve been a Cattie fan for awhile & now I can say I drank her lemonade 🤪

Cattie Feb 26 2020


Cuteguy32 Feb 27 2019

I like this item

Cattie Feb 28 2019

Look forward to seeing you purchase it then:P

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