Choose Your Own Lingerie Panty or Bra


Want to see me in something specific? Want to SMELL me in something specific? Simply start by picking out what panty, bra, or even lingerie set you like the most. By sending me the link in an e-gift card (separate from this panty purchase) that will allow me to purchase ASAP (preferably Amazon since I have Prime-2 day shipping). If you've already seen me in something you want, send me the picture and I will find the link myself (if possible) and send you the amount for the e-gift card. Choose what you'd like for me to do in the panty such as: clean, perfumed, worn for multiple days, worked out in, stuffed inside for cream, came in, peed on, or anal play and please message me before purchase so we can be on the same page. If you can't message me on here you can easily reach me on Twitter & E-Mail at: @MakeKatPurrrr or All Store Items are shipped in a discreet mailer and sealed in a regular Ziploc baggie. If you want your item preserved in an airtight vacuum sealed baggie please select the "Seal the item in Plastic Bag" option! If you want your item peed on please select the "Make the panty dirty with pussy juice" option!

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Condition: New
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