Pillowcase Pillow OR Stuffed Plush Toy


Have you ever just wanted to cuddle with me? Well I'm sorry that's not possible BUT you can get my smell and that’s pretty close! || Pillowcase: Cotton Blend "Standard Queen" Size | Pillow: 11"x7" | Plush Toy: No larger than 10" || Please choose what you are wanting me to do to or with the pillow/case/stuffed to: Cuddling with it for multiple nights, pillow grinding, custom videos, p e e, etc and please message me before purchase so we can be on the same page. If you are wanting this pillow to be used for more than two days, extra days are $8/day for up to 5 days. Totaling up to 1 week. If you can't message me on here you can easily reach me on Twitter & E-Mail at: @MakeKatPurrrr or MakeKatPurrrrInfo@yahoo.com. All Store Items are shipped in a discreet mailer and sealed in a regular Ziploc baggie. If you want your item preserved in an airtight vacuum sealed baggie please select the "Seal the item in Plastic Bag" option! If you want your item peed on please select the "Make the panty dirty with pussy juice" option. If you want your item "dirty" please E-MAIL me before purchase!

Quantity: 999
Condition: New



MakeKatPurrrr Dec 10 2020

You would purchase whichever pillow you feel is fit via an e-gift card.. It states it all above in the description.

Pillowftr Dec 8 2020

Are the pillows down and or feather filled?

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