VeinyGeroge7inDildo SEE DESCRIP


This toy is definitely one that I bought early on in my cam career but has unfortunately became defective for me to use continuously. The skin is supposed to move up and down like real skin but the bottom of the toy broke and has leaked all of the oil/lube in the toy out so now it is just stiff. I’m also retiring it because before I knew how to store my toys I just placed them all together and this toy ended up melting against another. Message me here to set up any password or privates via CB to see me use this toy, or request a custom video along with it to see all your wildest desires come true! If you can't message me on here you can easily reach me on Twitter & E-Mail at: @MakeKatPurrrr or All Store Items are shipped in a discreet mailer and sealed in a regular Ziploc baggie. If you want your item preserved in an airtight vacuum sealed baggie please select the "Seal the item in Plastic Bag" option. If you want your item peed on please select the "Make the panty dirty with pussy juice" option!

Quantity: 1
Size: 7
Condition: Worn only once or twice



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